Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Cabes are Moving!

We are excited to announce that the Cabes are moving!!!

The Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to move and help in the church planting efforts in New York City!!!!!!!

In July, Kristi and I had a conversation where we asked ourselves where we could go to plant ourselves and really invest in our community. We began to look at different cities around the United States. Our only criteria was to get outside of the Bible Belt. Please hear us, the Gospel is needed right here in the South but the statistics tell us that those that do not know about it, hear it, see it, experience it outside of the Bible Belt is staggering. So, we began to pray about where we could go.

At the same time we were having this conversation, the North American Mission Board began to roll out a new method of reaching North America…church plants. Not just church plants specifically but targeting 25 major cities in the US and Canada. The first target city to receive national attention was: New York City. We also began a dialogue with Steve Allen. Steve is the church planting catalyst for the North American Mission Board serving New York City. His job is to help people start churches.

In October of this year, we made the trip up to New York City to see the area and see if God in fact was leading us to New York City. While we were there Steve took us on a driving tour of Jersey City and Hoboken in New Jersey; Staten Island, Lower Manhattan, and many parts of Brooklyn. We fell in love with it and the area. Ultimately we learned of the great need there. More than 8 million people call this place home. Literally, the world is coming to New York City. There are over 170 languages spoken there. There are more Jewish people in New York City than in Jerusalem and New York City has the largest Chinese population outside of China!

We are currently in the process and hope to be accepted by the board of trustees of the North American Mission Board to be missionaries to New York City in February! Specifically, we’ll be working in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This small community is only 2 square miles…it consist of over 70,000 people. Currently, there is only one Southern Baptist Church in the community. We have been partnered with Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge that launched September 11, 2011. I will be helping with the music ministry, outreach, and discipleship. Kristi will be helping with the children’s ministry and an outreach to single women. I'm sure we'll be doing a lot more as well.

We will be quitting our jobs and relocating in February. We're sad to leave our friends and family, but we know this is where God is leading us. So, when He calls…we must GO!

We will be posting more about how you and others can help us as we hope to share the Gospel in New York City. In the meantime, check out the church we'll be working with and a video on New York City. ; (church we're working with)

above is a video of NYC that really speaks to us.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE NYC I wish you both the best!! I've been twice and hope to go back many many times :)