Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update on the Past 6 Months

It has six months since we have last blogged…time flies when you are having fun!  We are doing well and plugging along here in NYC. It has been cold for SO LONG up here! We had several snowfalls here over the winter, the first one being in October...but I think everyone down south received more snow than we did. I love snow! We were able to go sledding with friends for one of the snowfalls. The only part that stinks about snow is you have to get out and walk in it. The world doesn’t stop when it snows here…you layer up and keep going. It’s a way of life. However, we’re ready for some warmer weather!

A quick recap of the past few months:
November: we traveled home for Thanksgiving and got to spend some time with our Belmont Heights Church family. Kevin led worship and we both spoke about our experiences so far. We were able to spend some time with the young adults after church, and it was a blast. We also spent time with our families.

December: Randy & Cathy (Kristi’s parents) came and spent the holidays with us. Kevin had a VERY hectic work schedule, but we were all able to enjoy the Christmas festivities together. (Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Macy’s, etc.)

January: we went and spent time with our former pastor & family in Charlotte, NC. We were able to speak at his new church about our ministry in NYC.  We had a blast getting out of the city, eating Chick-fil-a, and spending time with the WHOLE Glandon Family. We also caught a Charlotte Bobcats game. It was our first professional NBA game!

February: Kevin began a new position with The Bowery Mission. His work schedule isn’t crazy anymore and he’s home at a decent hour!!!  We also welcomed a new addition to the Cabe Family…Macy Cabe, our 2-year-old calico cat!

March: Mission teams have arrived! We were able to work in our community with teams from Texas and Alabama.  They helped us put up fliers in store windows, pick up trash on the streets, and went to the park to engage teenagers, all for the purpose of sharing the gospel! 

And now it’s April.  And here is what is currently going on in our lives & in the life of Cornerstone Church…
The church is doing well. We’re averaging around 30-35 each week in worship. Our small groups have been going strong since January and we will close out our spring semester in a few weeks. Those who are attending small group seem to be enjoying them and growing spiritually. Kevin has had a few opportunities to preach over the last few weeks as well.

We wanted to share an awesome God story that happened less than 2 weeks ago…

Our church is responsible for keeping an area of our local park clean, and the Parks Dept. has a given us a closet in the women’s bathroom to store our things.  We were asked to go down to the park to check our closet because the lock had been broken off and it needed to be replaced. Once we arrived, two young ladies asked to go in the bathroom. Kristi took FOREVER to come out. It was because she was talking to the ladies about why we were putting a lock on the door.  She was telling them about our church and inviting them to come to join us for church and for small group.  Well, one of the young ladies took her up on her offer. We found out the young woman lived several neighborhoods away and paid a lot of money for a car service just to get to small group. Several days later, she came to our Sunday morning worship service. Kristi took her out to lunch afterwards. The following week we invited her to come with us on our church retreat in New Jersey.

This past Sunday during our retreat, at the end of our service as always, we were given a chance to respond to the sermon.  During the response time, the young lady came to us for prayer and told us she wanted to make sure she had a relationship with Christ.  After speaking with her for a few minutes, she prayed to receive Christ…then walked over to take her first communion.  I’m so proud of this young lady but I’m incredibly proud of my wife for being an example.  Kristi shared with me that in her prayer life she has begun praying that God would allow us to see people come to salvation because of our efforts.  I love it when God answers a prayer like that! 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing some traveling. Kevin will be heading to NC in late May for a wedding, we’ll also be taking a short yet MUCH NEEDED trip out of the city for a long weekend and rest. We have mission teams coming in for the summer, a trip to Dallas, TX for the Send North America Conference, and a lot more.  

We would LOVE to hear from you. I know many of you will read this and move on. Please send us a note on the blog, email, or social media and say hello. We’d love to know how you guys are doing and how we can be praying for you and cheering you on! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Kevin & Kristi

Prayer Requests:
-Stay faithful to Christ
-The people of Cornerstone Church to know, and fall in love with Jesus Christ
-Our marriage to be a reflection of how Christ loves the church
-People to see Jesus in us
-Our families as we are not with them
-Divine appointments with people in our community
-God continue to meet our needs (spiritually & financially)
-That we can stay healthy and rest!


Monday, October 29, 2012

A Much Needed update!


Short Version

We know we've not posted in forever. For that, we're sorry. 

1. We've been really busy 
2. Kevin works 10-12 hour days now 
3. Kristi has been helping Kevin with Real estate. 
4. Church is going well and we're growing. 
5. We're really busy.
6. Holy Cow we live in NYC!!!!

The longer version:

We know...we get's been a long time since we blogged. Before moving to NYC I used to read Freddy and Susan Wyatt's Blog about life in NYC. I used to get so bummed because it took them awhile to blog. It was one of the few blogs I ever found about life here and's been far to long. So, I'll make no promises about updating weekly but we'll try to keep you informed. You can always email and call us!! 

Life here has become so hectic here lately that I'm actually writing this blog on the Subway. The "R" train in case you are wondering (nobody cares which train). Actually...the majority was written on the train and was finished several days ago. I'm finishing the last part on my day off because Hurricane Sandy is almost here and I've got the time to finish this! 

The month of October has been a fun one for us. At the beginning of the month Kristi's friends from seminary came to visit. They went all over the city. I was glad Kristi had that time to connect with her friends. (They wore her out!!) A few days later, we welcomed Mark and Rachel Anderson here from Knoxville. We showed them around the city which we enjoyed. It's ALWAYS nice to see a familiar face! We also welcomed Cory & Sami Lethgo here. We had a great time with them here in the city!! Can't wait for them to come back.

The ministry here has been going well also. Kristi began leading the women through a doctrine study. These women are eating it up. They are so hungry to learn and grow. Kristi really is doing a great job with this and has put a ton of work into it. 
The men's group has kicked off as well. I wish I could say I've been right in there but truth is I've been working 10-12 hour days and have missed them so far. I'll get there. I miss connecting with the guys. I have been meeting with 2 men in our church. We have been going through Basic Christian Doctrine and they seem to enjoy it. They ask a lot of questions which has been good. One thing I've really noticed is you have to be really intentional to reach people in the North. Down south I took a lot of that for granted.   

God continues to bless us despite our short-comings. It truly is amazing to see all we have accomplished here in the short 7 months. He continues to provide for us. He does this through people like you giving and praying. Please continue to remember us in your prayers. 

We'll be coming home for Thanksgiving. We'll be at Belmont Heights Baptist Church Sunday morning after Thanksgiving in Knoxville. 

The two pictures above were taken from a photographer in our church. One was used in the On Mission Magazine that NAMB put out for their fall magazine.

This picture is looking down 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. It was raining this day and the tall bridge in the back is the Verrazano Bridge which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island.

 Back in the summer our church our church had the chance to have a joint service with the Gallery Church in Manhattan. Our church led the music portion of the service. It was a great time of worship.

Living in NYC we see things like this all the time...or at least I do. I was walking to work on 31st and Madison and one block from my work they were filming this show. In the distance they are filming for White Collar.

There he is...the Naked Cowboy. In case we get hard pressed for money...I know what I can do! This guy was prancing around Times Square playing the guitar and taking pictures with tons of people.

This picture was taken by Todd Halliburton of West Lonsdale Baptist Church in Knoxville. Todd was my youth pastor growing up and we were blessed to have him and Leeanne and the college group from WLBC.

This month we welcomed Trey and his wife Caitlin. Trey moved to NYC to attend the Southern Seminary Extension. Trey leads worship as well. This particular morning he led and i'm on the djembe

A nice little shot of the city from the Empire State Building.

I got off the subway this particular morning at 34th Street and saw GMA outside shooting. This is the weatherman Sam Champion up close. He had just finished zip lining.

This is Citi Field (Met's Stadium). NAMB hooked up church planters and their families to a Faith Night. We watched the Braves beat the Mets this night and afterwards enjoyed a concert by MercyMe. This was an awesome time of worship.

This picture was taken from the 69th Street pier in Bay Ridge. This picture was taken on September 11th. As the sun set at this location we attended the Sept 11th Memorial that our community hosted.

This picture was taken at a Q&A session our church hosted. We had 18+ people there.

Pray for the Cabes as we minister in NYC! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

God is moving in NYC!

A lot has been happening in NYC and its fitting for an update. God has been working and moving in our community and church. 

We have had several mission teams come in this summer and more to come. The biggest event we have had was City Uprising. We had 6 churches involved with about 60 volunteers. These teams worked in our local park to make the area nicer. New Yorkers do not have a lot of green space so they love their parks, however, this park is large and only has a few workers. During the day the teams worked in the park and at night we had a worship service. The pinnacle of this event was an outdoor picnic with free cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, face painting, live music, and inflatables. We had at least 300 people attend this event. Praise the Lord!!! 

July 4th was another great day for our church. Our local senator puts on an outdoor picnic in the park with live entertainment and activities for kids. Cornerstone got in on the action, we handed out  around 250 fans with our logo because it was HOT. We also gave away Starbucks gift cards every 30 mins and had a face painting booth. It was another huge hit! We connected with many of our neighbors. 

The next night was incredible! We had an outdoor baptism at Coney Island. Jeremy and Joanna, a couple who has been attending our church for awhile now, came to Cornerstone because they saw a flyer in a store window. They were both believers, but neither had been baptized.  Both have been a tremendous help with the church and they are a really great family, we are glad they saw the flier!  The baptism was a powerful moment as we had a good turnout plus we turned some heads at Coney Island!

This past Sunday was another huge day in the life of our church.  We had our first ever membership Sunday!  There were 10 people who came forward and signed our church covenant. Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge started with 7 people and currently runs 30+ people. 

Kristi and I are doing fantastic. God continues to use us despite our weaknesses. Our small group is doing well and continues to grow. Kristi has spent a great amount of time working with the mission teams that are here this summer. A huge prayer for us was answered when the Lord opened the door for me to land a job with the Bowery Mission. I'm working in the corporate headquarters as a donor service coordinator. 

God to continue to use us
God to use Cornerstone Church
God to continue to strengthen our marriage
A job for Kristi
Individuals/Churches to partner with our work

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Kevin told me that I needed to write a blog since he has written all of them so far, so here goes… 

Kevin and I have been living in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for a little over 3 months now & it has been an awesome experience!  The Lord has blessed us with a great apartment, new friends and an awesome church family!  We are very humbled that He would allow us this opportunity to serve Him in NYC.  There are times when I am walking down the street or riding on the subway that I think, I can't believe I am living in one of the greatest cities in the world in order to serve the God of the universe!  

Over the past few days I have walked around taking pictures of our new community, Bay Ridge.  I did this so our family and friends could see the area we live and the places we go.  We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures!  Please continue to pray for us as we continue to build relationships and share the Gospel!

Our Building

The Street We Live On

Our Grocery Store

Our Laundromat

Pizza/Chinese/Cupcakes...what more could you ask for on 3rd Ave?!?

The Hotel Our Church Meets In

Our Main Subway Entrance

Shore Road Park 

Verrazano Bridge from Shore Road Park 

Lower Manhattan from Bay Ridge 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life is Good!

Wow, we are slacking on the blog! Life has been crazy here lately that we've simply not had that much time. The last few weeks of April I was in Real Estate Class. For two weeks, from 9-4 M-F, I was in class learning as much as I could about how to pass the state test. Once completing the test I've been working with a company that does mostly rentals. While I started off with much promise I'm sad to say that it wasn't that great of an experience. I felt like I was working seriously long hours and going pretty much everywhere and nothing to show from it. It was pretty frustrating and after a few weeks it was clear that this wasn't going to pay the bills. So, i've been searching for another position. It's been really discouraging on the job front. I'd say Kristi and I have sent out 200+ resumes with no response. 

Cornerstone Church is going well. We're plugged in and serving like crazy. Its been neat to see how God is growing and using our church. We just finished one of the greatest weeks in our church. It was cool how it happened. One small group went out together on a Thursday night for fellowship, a few guys got together and played pool on Friday, Saturday our church helped serve in our park and then went to eat pizza later that night, church on Sunday, then another group of guys got together again on Tuesday for pool. It's been exciting to see our group get together outside of a Sunday gathering. Pretty neat stuff there!!! We'll be having quite a few mission teams rolling through this summer. We're going to be slammed, but I think it's going to be great for the life of our church. We hosted Clear Creek Baptist Bible College from Kentucky this past Saturday. We put up flyers in businesses along 3rd & 5th Avenue. Because of that work we had 3 new faces today in worship! 

Also, Kristi and I passed a great milestone for our relationship. We celebrated our one year anniversary on May 21st! They say to survive in the city you have to get out of the city and that's exactly what we did. Since we now call the Northeast home we wanted to go somewhere outside of the city to the north. Some friends from church recommend Newport, RI.  Honestly, at first thought…I wasn't too happy about Newport or Rhode Island for that matter but I'm so thankful we went. What a great place! It was absolutely beautiful. Newport is home to tons of mansions. There was one street that literally had 12+ mansions within walking distance. We toured two of them. We went to the Breakers and Rosecliffs. Newport made me think of a smaller swanky Charleston, SC. Its a great place for a relaxing trip. I could see us visiting there again.

A shot of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn.

Shore Road Park

Newport, RI...Anniversary Trip

Newport, RI

Flatiron Building-NYC

Newport, RI