Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog Update!!

Well it's been some time since we updated you on all thats going on. It's because we have been SO busy. We moved into our apartment on March 1, and so far, we love it here! The weather when we first arrived was pretty cold. The last few days it's been pretty warm here. We're hoping we missed the winter here. We're one block from anything we need...restaurants, hardware store, pharmacy, grocery store, etc. We're also two blocks away from the subway that can get us anywhere in the city. We're walking everywhere. We miss our cars!

We have a mission team here from Athens, GA this week. We've been hard at work with them. When they arrived on Saturday, we ate Lebanese food together.

Our Saturday routine for the church is to take a car service to New Utrecht Ave and rent a UHaul van. We take it back and park it near our house. Sunday morning, we leave at 7:45 and go to the storage area and pick up our equipment and then to the hotel where we have the services. We set up, have a worship service, tear down, load it up, unload it at the storage place, put gas in the UHaul and then drop it off. Then have a car service to take us back to our house. Its a time consuming process but that's how we pull off Sundays.

The rest of the week…we posted flyers of the church in local businesses and restaurants. Kristi and I felt like the people were very receptive to us posting these. We even had a muslim woman allow us to post the sign in her window! We went on a prayer walking tour of Brooklyn which was nuts! Literally, we walked through an American/Italian area (where we live), Arabic community, Mexican community, Chinese community, Hasidic Jewish, and Russian community. All very close to each other. It's eye opening the ethnic diversity we are seeing. There are 100-200 college students from Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky in the city for passportNYC12. So, we had 30-40 people helping in the park yesterday cleaning up. We've not had time to breathe really but its going well.

Prayer Request:

Please pray we find jobs that will allow us to stay here.

Pray that God would send us prayer partners

Pray the God would send us financial partners

Pray for Cornerstone Church

Pray for the people of Bay Ridge

* If you are interested in partnering with us in any way….please email us. Also, we'd love for you to send us emails or encouraging notes. If you're interested in our address please email for it. We didn't want to post it for all of the web to see.

Below are pictures that Kristi and I both have taken. At the bottom is our a few pictures of our apartment. I wanted to explain the first picture because its an incredible view. This picture was taken from Sunset Park in Brooklyn. From this could see Jersey City, NJ, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, in the distance Queens and the Bronx. It really is an amazing place to stand and see it all.

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